Why Trafo Filter Service

Trafo Filter Services has a fleet of machines ranging from capacities 1250 LPH to 9000 LPH with onsite testing facilities such as BDV testing, Acidity Testing, Earth Resistance Testers, Insulation Resistance Testers and Water Content Testing Facilities. We also are always equipped to changes breathers, silica gel and attend minor leakages. Major Leakages can also be planned and attended. Major Leakages can also be planned and attended. These activities are done by our well experienced and skilled technical operators. That means once we take up the job we are equipped to carry out all the necessary jobs needed in one go. With the fleet of machinery we can also attend any kind of emergencies and can serve round the clock. With the tie up for testing with NABL accredited testing laboratory we can also get the oil tested and if required in case of emergency can provide required services.

Only Trafo Filter Services gives you a competitive edge by managing your electrical assets, using superior technology and engineering expertise to protect the integrity of your transformers and help keep you on line and in business.

Trafo Filter Services has been providing reliable and quality services of oil-filled electrical equipment to various Industrial,Commercial,and Institutional client.

List of Equipment

  • 1. 2 Nos.1200LPH and 1 No. 2400LPH Centrifuge type of filter Machines with thermostatically controlled heater in vacuum arrangement fully mounted on LCV
         Vehicles for full mobility.
  • 2. 5 Nos. 2400LPH Streamline type medium high vacuum oil filter machines with 1 Micron Cartridge filters mounted on LCV For full mobility.
  • 3. 6000/9000 LPH Ultra High Vacuum filter machine with roots and imported combination of vacuum pumps for Power Transformation mounted on LCV For Full
  • 4. Spare vacuum Pumps for the evacuation jobs to be done on transformers
  • 5 Electric breakdown test sets with motor drive along with each filtration unit
        0-60 KV
        0-100 KV
  • 6. Relay Test Sets and Hy-pot Testing Sets.
  • 7. Tan Delta Testing Equipment.
  • 8. Earth Testers along with each unit.
  • 9. Insulation testers of 1KV to 5KV cranking and motorized types along with all the machines.
  • 10. Acidity Testing Kits.
  • 11. PPM Testing Kits (Karl Fischer Method).
  • 12. Breathers of various capacity along with loose Silica Gel.
  • 13. Gaskets and Neoprene washers of various types and sizes for attending leakages.